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free call from pc to mobile in india without registration

Make FREE call to mobile from PC

So, here are some of the web-sites from where you can make call…
Make FREE call to mobile from PC
On top of the list is Gizmo Call:

ere is this site called Gizmocall where you can register for free. After free registration you can make 10 minutes of Free Pc to phone calls anywhere in the world to most landlines and mobiles.And the nice part about it is that You get 10 minutes of Free Calling Everyday, not just once.After you register you just have to download a flash plugin and you are ready to make free calls.But there is just one restriction,the maximum call duration can be only 3 min/call.The voice clarity is very good. You just need a microphone to make your calls.
It has cool, and very user friendly gadget like dial pad of your cell phone. To use this you must have adobe flash player installed on your system browser.
Second web-app on list is ZoiPPE :
Hongkong Based VOIP service provider Zoippe is offering free worldwide calling credit to new users via a special invitation link, to make use of the free calling credit, follow the steps:
Make FREE call to mobile from PCZoippe offers features like:
  • Zoippe SMS
  • Zoippe Call Divert – Not at your PC? Simply divert calls to your mobile or
    fixed line – and stay connected always!
  • Zoippe IM – Exchange messages in real time with other people over the internet.
  • Zoippe Linkup – Enter your phone number and your friend’s phone number. ZoiPPE will link both numbers for that crystal clear call…more
  • Zoippe IM
Third one on the list is flashphone :
Make FREE call to mobile from PCFor this site, You don’t need to install anything*. All that is necessary for calls – headset and sufficient bandwidth of your internet connection. All you have to do is just register to FlashPhone website, login to your account and start making calls for FREE.Call length is limited by 3 minutes and 3 test calls per day allowed (temporarily). If you are running a website, you can insert flashphone gadget into your webpage. You can also insert your flashphone gadget on iGoogle. If this is not enough for your excitement, You can use mobile version of flashphone on your pocket PC device or a smartphone.
FlashPhone users can talk to each other for unlimited time. This surely is a cool website and specially it allows you to make free calls to India. The site started just couple of weeks back and it already has 9330 registered users. You can call upto 111 countries right now and the site promises to include more countries down the road. So start making your free calls to India now.Make FREE call to mobile from PC
Fourth is Evaphone :
Evaphone is a web service which allows FREE calls from your PC to Phone around the world. EvaPhone provides Internet telephone calls for free using VoIP services.The calls can be made to almost any country in the world. Moreover you canmake free calls both to landline and mobile phone numbers.The requirements for using Evaphone is a good internet connection and Adobe Flash player 9.0 and there is no need to install any other software. You can check out the FREE call limit to all countries here.

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